Bike Plan

Creating a regional bicycle plan was recommended as part of the Connecting Communities initiative, approved on September 29, 2010. The Bike Plan will identify and evaluate regional bikeway needs to improve the region’s bicycle network. The plan will contain an analysis of the region’s existing bike facilities and make recommendations that will be eligible for inclusion in the upcoming 2035 Regional Transportation Plan.

The purpose of the Bike Plan is to enhance and increase bicycling in the region as a viable transportation option and recreationally by providing safe, accessible and efficient bike routes and facilities. The Bike Plan will contain recommendations that include both on-road facilities, such as bicycle lanes, wide shoulders and sharrows, and off-road facilities, primarily trails, to increase the bicycle network.

The on-road bike recommendations are intended to establish priority corridors for bike infrastructure investments. They were identified based on their connections to major attractions, such as job centers, community centers, schools and retail. Off-road bike recommendations were created through discussions with local communities and regional park districts to expand the regional trail network. The on-road and off-road Bike Plan recommendations are attached in the following tables and maps.

Please contact Seth Bush with any additional comments at or 330.375.2436.

The recommendations are also available online as a PDF here: Bike Plan