Bike and Pedestrian Counting Program

Bicycle and pedestrian counting is an important aspect of bicycle planning.  It helps target the location of bicycle facilities in areas where land use and development promote frequent use.  The agency uses data collected from bike and pedestrian counts for use in planning the area’s ongoing bike network and related pedestrian improvements that promote regional connectivity. In 2012, AMATS completed its first year of bicycle and pedestrian counts for the region with the purpose of gathering data in analyzing the need for future bicycle facilities. In 2013, AMATS completed its second year of compiled bike and pedestrian counts at key locations throughout the region.

2012 Bike and Ped Counts

2013 Bike and Ped Counts

There has been an active public response to back up the need for improved bicycle facilities with supportive data.  The goal in the future is to have more of our communities active in the count program using the standard National Bike and Pedestrian Documentation Project (NBPD) method.

If your community would be interested in organizing a bicycle and pedestrian count and would like more information about the program, please contact Phyllis Jividen at 330.375.2436 or