AMATS began organizing Bike-N-Brainstorm (BNB) rides as an alternative way to get feedback on on-road bike improvements in the Akron area.  Traditionally, AMATS has mainly funded off-road multi-purpose trails, but, with the 2012 Bike Plan, has shifted to promoting and funding on-road biking as well.  This will help create a system of bike infrastructure which will encourage biking for transportation as well as recreation.  A Bike-N-Brainstorm consists of a bike ride along a key corridor or area to experience what it is like to bike there, followed by a brainstorming session to discuss needs and potential improvements to encourage biking and improve safety.  It is essentially an active public meeting.

So far AMATS has held seven Bike-N-Brainstorm events.  The first was in May 2012 with the City of Akron and looked at the West Market Street Corridor.  The second was also with the City of Akron and explored the area around Downtown and the University of Akron.  The third event took place in Kent and although it was a cold, snowy day, more than 60 people came out to participate.  There was a great turnout in Green and Barberton for AMATS fourth and fifth events that took place in 2013.  In 2014, AMATS included a BNB as part of the Switching-Gears Conference and assisted with a Ward 1 community bike ride.  AMATS is currently partnering with more communities for 2015.


Mantua Bike-N-Brainstorm

When: July 11, 2015, 9am

Where: 4690 Prospect St. (Grainery)

Have thoughts on how to improve biking in Mantua? Join AMATS, the Village of Mantua, the Portage Park District & Downtown Mantua Revitalization Corporation for a 7 mile on-road and trail bike ride followed by a brainstorming session to capture ideas to be used in future planning. Don’t miss Art on the Hill & Wine Tasting from 10am to 6pm in Downtown Mantua!

Route Map



Past Bike-N-Brainstorms


Akron (W Market St): May 17, 2012


Akron (Downtown): September 6, 2012


Kent: April 20, 2013


Green: June 22, 2013


Barberton: September 7, 2013


Switching Gears Conference (in partnership with How We Roll): June 26, 2014


Ward 1 Akron (AMATS assisted): October 11, 2014


Kent Greentown: April 14, 2015


Hudson Bike N Brainstorm: May 9, 2015


Check out photos from our events on our facebook page.