Ohio to Erie Trail

The Ohio to Erie Trail is a planned 320-mile route via several existing trails that span the state of Ohio from the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland to the Ohio River in Cincinnati. When complete, the paved trail will connect residents in villages, towns and rural areas of all sizes with four of Ohio’s most populous cities: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Akron.

Over 240 miles of the vast system are already complete and open for use, including long stretches extending north from Cincinnati and south from Cleveland. The trail uses former railroad corridors, canal towpaths and newly-developed greenways to cross the state, and the scenery is as varied as the corridor history.

Within Ohio’s larger metropolitan areas, the trail passes through vibrant urban centers, offering trail users access to museums, universities, sports facilities, restaurants and stores. In more rural areas, the trail courses through a diverse mix of farmland, wetlands, meadows, regional parks and nature preserves. In Holmes County, a unique stretch passes through the traditional center of Ohio’s Amish community, where the corridor is shared with local horse and buggy traffic.

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