Headwaters Trail

Open from dawn until dusk, this eight-mile limestone-paved trail built on the former Cleveland-Mahoning Railroad line between Mantua and Garrettsville provides a safe and scenic route for cyclists. The trail runs by beautiful forests and farmland connecting Garrettsville Village Park and Mantua Village Park. This is a shared-use trail and cyclists should expect to encounter horseback riders as well as pedestrians. Parking is available at both parks.

Trailhead Start:
Mennonite Rd, Mantua, OH
Trailhead Finish: Village Park, Garrettsville, OH
Trail Length: 8 miles



Trail Trailhead Start Trailhead Finish  Length
1 Village Park, Garrettsville, OH State Route 700 North of Co Hwy 224 2.9 miles
2 State Route 700 North of Co Hwy 224 E. High St. Mantua, OH 4 miles
3 Village Park, E. High St. Mantua, OH Mill St. Mantua, OH 0.2 miles
4 Mill St. Matua, OH Mennonite Rd. Mantua, OH (trail ends) 1.2 miles