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Get your own copy of the Bike Users Map, and find out about all the great places to bike in Summit and Portage Counties! Fill out the information below (street addresses, please) and we will ship the map to you FREE.

Features of the Bike User Map:

  • Every current bike shop plotted
  • Detailed inserts for Downtown Akron, Kent, Barberton, and Hudson
  • Numerous bike trails with bathroom and CVSR Bike Aboard! indicated
  • Color-coded streets that represent difficulty levels.
  • Bike safety tips to keep you safe


About the Ratings:


Low traffic or low traffic roadways where interaction between bicyclists and motorist is safer. Recommended for bicyclists with little or no experience.


Increased traffic volume and speeds making roadways more challenging than Easy roadways. Recommended for bicyclists with moderate experience.


Roadways with high traffic volumes or speeds. Recommended for experienced cyclists.

Very Difficult/Expert

Roadways that are heavily traveled with fast moving traffic and other potential challenges such as steep slopes or limited visibility. Recommended for experienced cyclists only, and alternate routes should be followed if possible.