Berlin Lake Trail

Open from dawn to dusk, the Berlin Lake Trail is a 2.2 multipurpose trail crossing Berlin Lake. The Berlin Lake Trail was initiated by the Berlin Lake Association back in 2006, when members with a vision for the future approached the Portage Park District to partner in its development. The Park District was granted a sublease on the trail from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, who leases the land from the US Army Corps of Engineers. The trail opened in fall 2011. Parking is available on north trail entrance on SR 224, approximately 1.5 miles east of Deerfield Circle. Parking for the south trail entrance is located on Kirkbride Rd. off of SR 14, approximately 2 miles southeast of Deerfield Circle. Turn left on Kirkbride Road.


Trailhead Start: S.R. 224
Trailhead Finish: Kirkbride Rd.
Trail Length: 2.2 miles