The Portage Hike and Bike Trail

The surface of the trail is about 8′ wide and made of crushed stone. In the more rural areas, grass grows in the center leaving two “lanes.” Short stretches of the trail near road crossings are asphalt.


This trail connects Towner’s Woods Park in Kent with Chestnut Hills Park in Ravenna and showcases a diversity of community destinations. Cyclists on this trail can visit the university campus, historic canal remnants, Native American trails, the Cuyahoga National Heritage River, theatres, downtown businesses and scenic natural areas. The Portage County Historical Museum is located across Chestnut Street from the park in Ravenna.


Parking is available at Lake Rockwell Road and Towner’s Woods in Franklin Township and Cleveland Road in Ravenna.



Trailhead Start: Peck Rd. Ravenna, OH
Trailhead Finish: Crain Ave. Kent, OH
Trail Length: 8.5 miles



Trail Trailhead Start Trailhead Finish  Length
1 Peck Rd. Ravenna, OH Chestnut Hills Park, Ravenna, OH 1.6 miles
2 Chesnut Hills Park, Ravenna, OH Cleveland Rd. Ravenna, OH 0.8 miles
3 Cleveland Rd. Ravenna, OH Ravenna Rd. Lot, Ravenna Twp 3.4 miles
4 Ravenna Rd. Lot, Ravenna Twp Lake Rockwell Rd. Lot, Ravenna Twp 0.7 miles
5 Lake Rockwell Rd. Lot, Ravenna Twp Crain Ave. Kent, OH 3 miles
6 South Leg, not yet connected Dix Stadium, Kent, OH Lincoln St, Kent, OH 2.4 miles
7 North Leg, not yet connected Judson Rd. and Hudson Rd. Franklin Twp Portage County Line – connects to Bike and Hike Trail 1.4 miles
8 West Leg, not yet connected Stow St. Kent, OH Middlebury Rd. Kent, OH 1.7 miles