AMATS Switching-Gears Conference in Barberton, Ohio.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, AMATS, the City of Barberton and the Barberton Community Foundation, hosted Jason Roberts of Better Block and Charles Marohn of Strong Towns. Over 100 attendees arrived, many wearing purple to support Barberton. The program began with an update by Mayor William Judge about recent initiatives in the City of Barberton, followed by presentations from both of our speakers. Lunch was provided by White House Chicken and The Enchanted Cafe, followed by smaller breakout sessions with our featured speakers. Finally, the attendees chose between an afternoon bike ride or a guided walk in downtown Barberton.




Purpose of a Bike-N-Brainstorm event:

  • Establish a diverse project team (elected officials, city staff, regional agencies, etc).
  • Determine the purpose (highlight challenges/opportunities,needed feedback, etc).
  • Create a route with various types of infrastructure (typically 6-8 miles).
  • Highlight on-road biking rules and safety tips.
  • Brainstorm on how participants felt on ride and needed improvements.

The Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS) developed Bike-N-Brainstorm in 2012 to serve as a tool for public outreach by engaging bicyclists in a chosen bike route to improve biking conditions in a local community. More than 450 bicyclists have participated in twelve Bike-N-Brainstorm events from 2012-2015. AMATS continues to partner with other communities toward encouraging bicycle infrastructure in making it a viable and safe active transportation option.