Distance Akron

During the last two years the Traffic Engineering Division of the City of Akron has developed a network of six color coded routes on city streets that give distances between major streets and provide direction to certain attractions or popular destinations in the city.  While intended mainly for bicyclists, it is hoped that walkers, joggers and motorists can take advantage of the information provided on the signs to help guide them as they travel through the city.

There are six routes, all marked by the corresponding color of sign:

Blue Route – 10.7 miles on State Route 18 from the southern city limit on Canton Road to the western city limit on West Market Street.

Orange Route – 10.8 miles mainly following the ancient portage path between the Cuyahoga River and the Tuscarawas River extending past the Cuyahoga on Akron-Peninsula Road to the city limit near Steels Corners Road.

Green Route – 6 miles mainly on Waterloo Road from the Barberton line to Kelly Avenue where it turns north to connect to the Yellow Route.

Yellow route – 6.65 miles on State Route 764 from Manchester Road past the terminus of the numbered route to the eastern city limit on Albrecht Avenue.

Pink Route – 6.8 miles following Arlington Street and Home Avenue from the southern city limit near Swartz Road on Arlington Street to the Northern border with Cuyahoga Falls near Success Road on Home Avenue.

Brown Route – 6.85 miles following Main Street from the southern city limit near Waterloo Road through the heart of Akron to the northern border with Cuyahoga Falls just across the high level bridge over the Cuyahoga River and Gorge Metropolitan Park.

Here is the Distance Akron Map.